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This Modern World Scares and Confuses Me October 6, 2008

Posted by KG in Food.

Last night at dinner a friend ordered something called a “Chinese Cheese Dosa,” which turned out to be a dosa, stuffed with lo mein noodles, topped with white cheese, served with coconut chutney and sambar.

I’m still unclear as to how to react to the existence of such a thing.  It’s a lobster stuffed with tacos.  A flying Studebaker. A giant sign that says PROGRESS, in a sans serif font, shining purple argon light down on the silver clad citizens below.  At some point, the future came and left me. Or, at the very least, someone spilled Chinese food all over India.

A little scary, a little sad, a whole lot strange. And according to my friend, a whole lot of delicious. That said, I’m not about to try it… at least not anytime soon.



1. fsowalla - October 6, 2008

Is Sans Serif the new black?

I think teh word for it in India is “multi-cuisine”. In any case, the Chinese food in India kicks ass compared to the US version. That dosa goes well with a fresh lime soda (salt).

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