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Nizams and the New November 13, 2008

Posted by KG in India, Photos, Travels.

The Hyderabad airport is a gleaming beacon of where India could be heading.  It sits about an hour outside of the City of Pearls, practically alone on a vast plain, outside the reach of the center city’s smog and congestion.  The flow inside the airport is smooth and logical, the facilities practically indistinguishable, on the surface, from any major Western airport.  Which makes sense, as the airport is just eight months old.  You could say it still has that “new airport smell.”

In contrast, the center of Hyderabad is all history, a legacy of a part of India was its own kingdom, ruled by Nizams who were once the richest men in the world.  The city seems to have a converted palace every corner, and a masjid on every second.  Of cities in India I’ve been to the character of Hyderabad feels quite different.

A friend and I spent four days there (probably one too many), visiting our newest Consulate General and the abandoned Golconda Fort (abandoned fort count: 2!).  We also made it to the new palaces of Andhra Pradesh in Hitec City, home to some of the largest and most prosperous tech companies of India and the world.  The whole place felt like a gigantic office park (which it is) in a different country altogether.  All in all, rather spooky.

But no pictures of Hitec City and the airport.  Despite those parts of the trip appealing to the side of me that’s extremely homesick, the older parts of Hyderabad were far more picturesque and interesting.  Also, no pictures of the large amounts of biriyani we consumed.  Hyderabadi biriyani was extremely delicious but a bit heavy for the old digestion.  I’m still recovering.








1. mrgbum - November 13, 2008

cool series of photo… nice!

2. fsowalla - November 14, 2008

My hometown. Glad you liked it.

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