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Acclimatize November 25, 2008

Posted by KG in Etc., India.

Despite my best efforts, the Indian predilection for truncating words and phrases is creeping into my brain.  Vegetarian has already become “veg” (pronounced vehj), February is “Feb,” rickshaws are “ricks.”  I’m dropping articles from my speech left and right.  And the alphabet soup of various acronyms is just second nature: BCom, PGDCA, PA at an MNC, working in .Net and VB.  Okay, so maybe that last part is because of the nature of my work, but still.  It won’t be long before I forget proper English and actually start speaking Mumbaikar Ingrezi.

In related news, rumor has it that a co-workers young son — age 3, lily white, newly in India — has adopted the Indian Head Wobble.



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