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The Calm Place December 9, 2008

Posted by KG in Yoga.

After all that madness — heck, all the usual madness as well — I’ve been longing for calm.  (That’s kind of a theme on this blog lately, isn’t it?).  One of my usual sources for calm, yoga, is incredibly difficult to find here.  Sure, there are classes available — at inconvenient times, inconvenient locations, or both.  Finding a weekend morning yoga class within 15 minutes of our house, by foot or rickshaw, is proving to be next to impossible.  Which is why I’ve been forced to adopt a plan B, practicing yoga in the small amount of free space I can find at my gym.

Of course, complicating this is the gym’s incessant music.  But I’ve managed to practice fairly consistently, and somehow acclimate myself to shivasana with a constant bass thump in the background.   Surprisingly, the hardest part isn’t the music, it’s the lack of guidance.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of favorite poses, ignoring positions that are less than pleasant.  That, I’m working on — but learning to meditate amidst noise is getting easier and easier.  Today I hit what I think is a high point — 5-10 minutes of actual meditation, where the background music disappeared.  The visas have been rougher than normal lately, so those five to ten minutes were bliss.  I actually walked out of the gym with a peaceful smile (soundtrack: Kernkraft 4000).



1. sister - December 9, 2008

That’s funny- plow is one of my favorite poses.

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