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Memories are Complicated March 22, 2009

Posted by KG in India, Photos, Travels.

Despite some great photos and the ego-enhancing qualities of hearing your friends say “you took that picture?”, the downsides to having a decent camera are manifold. Eg.: the camera is perpetually hanging around your neck, marking you as a tourist; it’s impossible to be subtle when taking a picture; you’re motivated to take thousands of photos, which you then have to organize.

The first two problems are probably of the “deal with it” variety, though I do wish I had a way to shrink the camera down in certain situations.  The last is much more difficult — with a painfully slow Indian broadband collection, flickr just doesn’t seem as easy to use.  And some of the things I want to do are difficult to accomplish since my knowledge of more savvy webdesign is nil.  I guess basic html doesn’t get you the places it used to.

So sadly, I can’t figure out how to post the mosaic of my vacation collection on this blog, despite ten whole minutes devoted to trying to do so.  But here’s the edited down photo collection from our trip, for those interested.



1. Melissa - March 22, 2009

I don’t take nearly as many pictures as I used to, but it’s something I hope to start up again when I actually make it into the Foreign Service. I had a party a few night ago for my FSOA study group – there were about 15 people in our apartment and I never bothered to break out the camera…

I’m not sure if these work for wordpress.com hosted websites, but http://codex.wordpress.org/Photoblogs_and_Galleries is a great resource for picking your own photo display solution. I’ve found zenphoto to be ridiculously easy to use. You can name your photos as you like and ftp them to a folder for the trip/party/whatever you want to put them in and the software does the rest. Now I just need to take more pictures – I love the ones you’ve taken. You should do a photobook of each of your postings!

2. Laura - March 27, 2009

WOW — those photos are amazing. Consider your ego boosted and what kind of camera are you using?

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