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Sweatasana April 30, 2009

Posted by KG in fitness, India, Mumbai, Yoga.

For about two months, I’ve had a post in draft about how consistently odd yoga is her in Mumbai.  The fact is finding a decent yoga class here is just extremely difficult.  It seems the concept of a Saturday or Sunday morning class is not something folks here think of.

We got lucky about two months ago, and have been going to a decently timed class twice a week.  It means we need to think about dinner well ahead of time, and have about thirty minutes to chill out at home before going to the studio, but it works, sort of.  The style of yoga they like here is fun, and strenuous, and… boring.  Sometimes it feels a whole lot more like a fitness boot camp and a whole lot less like yoga.

But after 11 months here, I finally took a yoga class that was — well, it was the best yoga class I think I’ve ever taken.  For two hours, we went deeper into poses I thought I had down well, and moved into poses I’d never thought I could hit before.  The class was on a rooftop, and the weather has been cripplingly hot and humid, so I came home drenched; my tank top was literally translucent by the end of the two hours.  Sadly, the teacher wasn’t sure when he would be teaching class again, but I’m going to keep on the lookout.

The ironic part is that the teacher was an American, transplanted here a few months ago, and even more unbelievably: someone that used to teach at Flow in DC.  11 months in Mumbai, 5000 miles away, in the birthplace of yoga, and the best class I’ve ever taken was taught by someone I could have been taking class from back home.




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