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Reef Bleg May 25, 2009

Posted by KG in Blog, Traveling.

Does anyone have recommendations for a good non-urban base for seeing the Great Barrier Reef?  We’re working on putting together our R&R, and we’re thinking of a week in Queensland, preferrably away from Cairns and Brisbane.  The sheer vastness of Australia is a bit overwhelming and the cost of some of the all inclusive island resorts is even more so.  Any suggestions for places to stay that are outside of the city but would not break the bank?



1. Anonymous - December 14, 2009

Splurge for a 3 or 4 day Captain Cook cruise around the Great Barrier Reef Islands. You see it in an intimate setting (the ships are very small) in an immersive way that you just can’t get on those day snorkeling trips. I went all over Australia, and that was one of the most memorable things I did.

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