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Full Circle? June 8, 2009

Posted by KG in Calcutta, Family, India, Travels.

The first two weeks of my second year in India have been spent in Calcutta, my ancestral home.  

It’s been a ball being back here.   Living in a temporary apartment has meant two weeks without television.  Commuting to and from work takes about two minutes, each way.  My Bangla has probably never been better, and since I’m expected to use Hindi at work as well, I’m working on learning the mental tricks needed to switch between three languages at a moment’s notice.  The chance to stay somewhere other than with family has forced me to get familiar with a part of the city I didn’t know well before.  Best of all, I’ve been able to spend some quality time with family, some of whom I haven’t seen in many years.  Despite it being less than a year since I last saw my grandmother, she’s looks to be about 150 years old now.

In my infinite wisdom, I packed my camera, my computer, but not my flash card reader,  so no photos of Calcutta (or “Kolkata,” for the more prosaic/politically correct minded) just yet.  But thanks to the many people that made this difficult-to-arrange TDY happen.



1. Sharmishtha - June 8, 2009

I came across your blog from The Partition blog (which I came across bloghopping). I know this blog is for friends and family but I must admit I come back to read because I find the sociology fascinating – first generation Indian Americans serving the interests of the United States in the country of their ancestors, India. Do you feel a bit like the Ottoman Janissaries, some of whom went back to their ancestral provinces as agents of Istanbul, after having been thoroughly “Ottomanized”. Of course, there are differences, but the feeling must be the same, no? Sorry for the intrusion but would love to hear more about how you view your situation from the point of view of identity. Thanks.

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