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Can’t Sit Still September 20, 2009

Posted by KG in Food, FS Life, Traveling, Travels.

A long flight back from Australia, a day moving “offices” (even “cubicle” would be an overstatement), a flight to Delhi, a conference, a flight back, and two job interviews.

That was tiring.

But the timing gods have been munificent.  It’s that awesome time in India when every other day seems to be a holiday, and so we’re getting things done.  Miraculously, I’ve uploaded all of my pictures (click), though the task of naming, captioning, geotagging, and all that good stuff remains.  Oh yeah, and the ever popular “vacation wrap up” blog post, which my tens of readers are no doubt anticipating with baited breath.  Sorry!  Not this post.  All that uploading has made me hungry, and we have little in the name of food at home.  Time to go rectify that.  To put you all in the same boat, here’s a photo of some awesome and exotic flavored ice creams we ate on the Daintree Coast — chocolate sapote, wattleseed, jackfruit, and the rare and mysterious apricot.




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