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I Fully Admit: I am a Suit November 18, 2009

Posted by KG in Etc..

I’m upgrading my wristwear. For years, I’ve worn a $50 Fossil watch — accurate, aesthetically unoffensive, and generally acceptable. For the first few years of having a real job, the watch admirably told me when I was on time, and more often when I was running late. But now the face is scratched and the band is looking increasingly cruddy. It’s time for something new.

Here’s the problem: when it comes to businesswear, I’m still terribly cheap. And the prices of nice watches have thrown me for a loop. The math just doesn’t make sense!

A cheap, utilitarian, but ultimately mediocre dress shirt costs around $20. After much agonizing, I’ve finally come around to spending four times that ($80) on occasion for something really, really nice. Shoes work out about the same — dropping a bit of money for a nice pair of shoes buys some nice footwear. That 4x multiplier has been applicable to most of my work wardrobe. Thus I thought nice watches — whoops, I mean timepiece — would run me, at most, around $300. Clearly, I’m an idiot.

So now I’m stuck. I’ve been complaining about my watch for months and the wife is sick of it. At the same time, we’ve been watch shopping in Singapore, Australia, in India and on the ‘net, and I’ve come up empty. I’m about to give up and just get a G Shock.

Am I in an intractable position? Is my wife just dragging me into really expensive places? Advice from fellow suits, or from watch connoisseurs, is appreciated.



1. Tyler Beebout - November 18, 2009

No watch is likely to keep better time than your cellphone, so the only things that matter are appearance and durability.

If you’re willing to wait a while, great watches can be had at chronoshark.com They show one watch a day, and they sell it for cheaper than anywhere.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more instantaneous selection, you have to consider whether brand name is important to you. What I mean is, there are some excellent fakes.

Check out http://tt88time.com/ I’ve bought a number of replica watches from them over the past few years, and always been impressed. They’re not flimsy, and the company seems reliable. From the two watches you linked, I imagine you might like Breitling.

For inexpensive, attractive, name brand watches, check out manufacturers like Nixon or Skagen.

Hope that’s some help. Love the blog, but I’ve resisted posting so far as I’ve yet to get my QEP results back, and I’d hate to get my hopes up.

2. Sister - November 18, 2009

I vote for the G Shock.

3. Mom - November 19, 2009

You should check with the other watch person in the family – that would be your brother-in-law. He really likes nice watches and may know some cheaper routes.
Mom C

4. Joel - November 19, 2009

I second the suggestion for a Skagen – lightweight, nice, pretty inexpensive. I have one and love it.

5. fsowalla - November 19, 2009

Watches are one of those items you allow someone else to gift to you, be appreciative, and wear until the strap breaks.

6. Jan Krasny - December 8, 2009

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