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More on Haiti January 14, 2010

Posted by KG in FS Life.

There’s an official State Department page on how to help. This page also has the latest Department briefings, as well as other developing information.

The first I heard of the crisis was from my boss. Sadly, she’s one of the ones that lost a friend; the Department has confirmed that one of our own died in the earthquake.

One of the more sobering elements of this peripatetic life has been the way it has changed my perspective on tragedies half a world away. When events like these occur, our first questions to each other are always “Do you know anyone there?”

And the answer, almost always, is yes.



1. NoDoubleStandards - January 14, 2010

The Foreign Service is a small family, isn’t it? You either know someone — or work with someone who knows someone. There’s never more than two degrees of separation.

2. Rod E. Smith, MSMFT - March 11, 2010

I don’t know who you are but I do know that you are a wonderful writer.

Rod Smith

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