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Crackberry Withdrawal May 7, 2010

Posted by KG in Etc., FS Life.

The first few days after we left India, I found myself fiending for my digital leash. It was absolutely pathetic: despite having my final review done, saying my goodbyes, and going through the misery that is Mumbai International Airport, I was craving updates on what was going on “back at the office.”

An office I was no longer a part of.

Luckily, those cravings passed. After a few days of being back in America, the office feels as far away as it actually is. What’s done is decisively done, and I don’t want an update on case work anymore. Which is good, because if I had acted any more jittery, I think the wife would have killed me.

The most pressing question now: should I buy an HTC Incredible?

I know, I know.



1. melanie - May 7, 2010

i so hear you on this. i left on monday and have already written like three e-mails to my replacement to see what’s going on. i’ve also written to explain certain procedures or to remind to do certain things. i just can’t leave it.

i try to make myself feel better about the “obsession” because i was the only one, and my replacement is a first-tour back-up who has her own full-time job. but in reality, no matter which way you look at it, it’s still kind of sad.

2. beth - May 8, 2010

major news: they fired the dj at golds and replaced him with someone who has more than 10 songs on his playlist. still, i miss the old guy because he was always super-nice to me.

3. Tim Moorey - May 10, 2010

You should buy the HTC Desire which I did last week. Absolutely staggering speed, screen and everything else except battery which is only average

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