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Readjustment Pains May 16, 2010

Posted by KG in Running.

Some amount of reverse culture shock was expected, but no one told me moving back to America would actually be physically painful.

Rewinding: once upon a time, I was a pretty decent runner.  It was a hard earned quality.  But clearly, that was the past.  I’ve been trying to run every few days here in Seattle, and have learned that not only am I now a terrible, terrible runner, but that running really freaking hurts.

Yesterday’s 25 minute run with a few light hills has resulted in a dull throb originating somewhere in my right calf.  And glorious, incandescent bolts of pain from my hips.  And the nagging feeling that there’s something off in my lower back.  All from a slow paced 2.5 miles, and the usual stretching before and after.  “Disappointed” doesn’t begin to cover how this feels.

Patience is probably the best tonic.  The pain today isn’t as bad as the pain two days ago, and will probably end up being way worse than anything a few days from now.  Two years is a lot of time off, and though my brain remembers the body is weak.  Getting back to past levels of skill is just going to take some time.

But for now, I’m going to lie down on the couch and complain, vocally.  I think I’ve earned it.



1. katie - May 22, 2010

hey just skimmed your blog…are you back in DC???
loving all the yoga mentions 🙂
i’m back in DC for the whole month of july. would love to catch up with you if you will be there! let me know

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