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Crabby Tweets May 29, 2010

Posted by KG in Food, Internet.

Mere days before the Wife and I go to New Orleans, the Baltimore Sun publishes an intensely sad article about the impact the Gulf oil spill is having on the seafood industry.

If it wasn’t obvious, I love seafood, in all of its forms.  Being in the Pacific NW for the last month has been awesome, and I’ve been looking forward to our New Orleans trip for the shrimp alone.  And as a Baltimorean, I could go on for hours about the inherent superiority of the blue crab*.  Reading about the oil spill and the potential environmental impact has hit me where it hurts the most — the stomach.


Also, eagle-eyed observers may have noticed that I’ve jumped on to the long-departed Twitter bandwagon (check out the sidebar).  As a media form it seems far more fun and far less intrusive than Facebook, and now that I have a proper smartphone, I’m looking forward to playing around with it.  Stalkers readers who are so inclined can follow me @kgdiplodocus (awkward, I know, but Diplodocus was already taken).

*The blue crab is simply better than all of its cousins, in every single form.  Alaskan king crabs?  Dungeness?  Acceptable substitutes, on occasion, but absolutely inferior to the Callinectes sapidus.  Call me a partisan, but the meat is sweeter.  Don’t get me started on Phillips.



1. Sara Roy - June 4, 2010

It’s Friday and that means that the State Department Weekly Roundup is up and you’re on it! Check it out here:


If I used your blog and photo and you want one or both of them removed, please let me know!

2. fsowalla - July 4, 2010

Sweetness, perhaps, but the Dungeness, I hear, wins on work-reward factor…there’s more meat to be had after the shelling.

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