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Taking and Making Stock January 17, 2011

Posted by KG in fitness, Food, Running.

Right now, there’s a cold and potentially freezing rain falling softly outside.  The humidity today drove the cold straight into my bones, and in that tiny space where part of a disc used to be, a pocket of pain began to fester and grow.  I’ve been mitigating it all day through judicious dosages of rest and Mario Kart, but it’s still there, throbbing and nagging, begging for attention.  Maybe this is just the new normal.  The PT and my surgeon warned me.  “It’s never going to be the same,” they said.  “You’ll get used to it, eventually, but your back is just going to feel different.”

That’s the downside, significant and miserable.  There’s an upside too, a sliver of one.  Saturday I went for a run — outside.  My first outdoors run since surgery, and I managed 2.5 uninterrupted miles in about 20 minutes.  Not the fastest ever, but not the slowest.  And no consequent back pain!  An hour of pilates on Sunday (yes, I was the only man in the room, and yes you may shut up) was likewise not-terrible to my beleaguered spine, though there’s the whole lost flexibility thing to deal with.  And the spare tire.

But the cold! Killing me.  As did my post-pilates task for the long weekend: making chicken soup from scratch for my wife, who’s down with clogged sinuses.  This was the third round this winter of making stock, and one of the most successful.  The soup — chicken matzo ball — was good enough for the wife to take thirds, despite late-emerging matzo ball consistency challenges.  Unfortunately, the time spent hunched over the kitchen counter making a brunoise for the soup, skimming the fat from the stock, and cleaning the resulting mess was difficult.  Not terrible, really, but by the end of the four-hour (!!) process, I could definitely feel it.

In time, I probably will get used to this. But for now, I’m on my way to being able to enjoy one of my true joys in life again.  Unfortunately, making fuel for longer runs is going to be a bit more challenging.






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