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My Shoes Smell Terrible March 12, 2012

Posted by KG in Etc., Running.

My training for the 2008 Cherry Blossom 10-Miler was impeccable.  My new wife was thousands of miles away and I had no social life to speak of.  Why not throw everything I had into my first ever race?  Everything and then some, actually: ten miles is a big challenge for anyone, let alone a beginner.  The by-products of the training included some seriously sore feet, a stack of workout clothes, an unexpectedly good race time, and an unexpected love of racing.  I signed up for a 10K a couple months later.

And then I promptly moved to India, moved back to America, started working punishing hours, hurt my back, recovered from back surgery, and continued working my butt off.  Even without the injury, consistent training has been a challenge.  I decided some months ago racing wasn’t in my book while on the Desk.  Ever the perfectionist, I wasn’t going to race if I couldn’t maintain the tightest possible training regimen.

That attitude, which extends beyond running to most other hobbies I have, has given my down time a heaviness.  Or more directly: fun started to feel like work.  Never a good thing!  So in December, I went out on a limb (and a whim), signed up for the Jingle All The Way 8k the morning of, and ran the race in 37’36”.  And most importantly: I had fun.

Work is still brutal.  Lunch runs are a gamble.  Evening runs near impossible.  Weekend mornings are easier, but fatigue is a challenge.  No matter.  This weekend, sporadic training be damned, I ran not one but two races — the St. Patrick’s Day 8K and the Four Courts Four Miler.

My feet hurt, my calves are singing, and I’m exhausted.  Daylight savings didn’t help.  But I’m also proud to have pulled it off.  And proud of my times, roughly 38′ for the 8K and 29′ for the 4M.  And I had a ball.  The wife dragged herself up to watch me both times, and now I’m researching next races to run.  I’d wanted to run 3 races in 2012 total.  Now I think maybe I’ll do one a month.

Any recommendations for April?



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