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Air like Soup July 5, 2012

Posted by KG in Running.

The oppressive humidity and extreme heat have my wife cursing the Eastern Seaboard relentlessly, and me fomenting plans to lobby the powers that be to relax the FSI dress code.  It’s starting to go beyond Mumbai-in-May levels, which given DC’s latitude is just ridiculous.  Perhaps this will pass, but given that it is only July, probably not for a few months.  The constant temptation is to spend non-working hours motionless, soaking in air conditioning.  But of course that would be admitting defeat by the elements, something I’m unwilling to do.  So instead I’m keeping up my running routine, with some time modifications in an effort to avoid the nastiest parts of the day.

And it really sucks.

Sunday I ran what I suspect is my absolute worst 10K ever.  What many call breathing felt to me, about half way in, like drinking the air through my nose.  It got so bad that I may have gone down into a Metro station late in the run to cool down for a couple minutes.  (If pressed regarding this publicly, I will of course deny that I took such measures.)  Today I think I did slightly better on a shorter 5K, powered more by fortuitous song selections on my iPod than anything else.

My question is this: is it even possible to acclimatize to this nasty humidity?  I vaguely recall having done so many years and many pounds ago, but that may be excessively rosy thinking.  If it is possible, any tips on hastening progress?


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