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1. Rosemary Mukhopadhyay - August 12, 2006

Hey KG,
Liked reading your blog. Lee faced the very same loneliness on an ice breaker in northern MI The summers were better w/ a summer crowd.. Most all of the officers were married. He was very lonely. It is a time for maturing and it is why we thank those of you who do gov’t. service. The people who serve do stand apart.

2. angel - April 11, 2008

my names angel do you guys no anything about a diplodocus its a dinosaur?

3. Driftingfocus - January 7, 2009

Hey there. I found your blog while link-surfing, and it’s quite a good read!

I’m an expat currently living in Korea, and my S.O. is a former foreign service brat. We’re not in the FS, but we both tend to travel a lot, and we tend to get along best with other folks with similar experiences. I’d consider the FS myself, but I don’t have a masters, and academia and I tend to not get along well.

Anyway, I was wondering if you would mind if I added you to my blogroll? You’re welcome to add me to yours as well, but not at all obligated.

4. Hadi - March 26, 2010

Hi Diplo!

I compliment you first and foremost on the range of your entries, but also on the writing itself (What blogger would use “redoubt” in normal parlance?). As for me, I am a first-tour FSO in Mexico City, off to Moscow in under 6 months, and would like to add you to my blogroll. My own blog does not deal with FS daily life directly, but hints and allegations are generously sprinkled. Perhaps you’ll add me as well.

In any case, best wishes. Say hi to Rebecca G and Beth M, my A-100 classmates.


5. dinsaurs - October 12, 2010

dinsaurs at they et sum dinsaurs met they fech they

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